15 March, 2019

The development of this project has been stopped

Unfortunately, due to my unexpected education and financial problems, the process of designing this software has been stopped for at least 11 months. It is possible […]
1 January, 2019
ATG Around The Ground Kish Island Wallpaper 2018 beta made with unity indie game dev project

Know how much is left!

Hello, In this post I’m sharing a link with you. You can visit the link to check how many items are left. Here is the link:https://trello.com/b/uLRyTJyc […]
29 October, 2018
ATG:Kish Billboard

A big update for the project!!

Throughout the year I have worked on the project and its website, Today I am showcasing the updates and introducing the project’s actual name and logo […]
24 October, 2017

Tons of new updates will be coming!! But not so soon.

Hello. I’m glad to say that I will publicly release a lot of updates about this project but not these years. The project will get updated […]
20 October, 2017

Free Download – Realtime water FX [Updated]

About the effect As a part of the Project92’s automobile simulation project, I was really interested in creating a similar water-splash/water-drops effect of DriveClub. Have a […]
9 September, 2017

Rain Effects

Today I’m showcasing you my new update for the project. It is a visual one for weather. As I’m feeling winter coming close and closer, I […]
5 August, 2017

Sample Car Platform Testing

In this newly released video, you’ll see a GPU-based car platform calculating system that I’ve made it up. Enjoy watching it.    
5 August, 2017

What is Project92?!

The project’s real name is now revealed, it is “Around The Ground: Kish land” and its codename was “Project 92”. If you ask a “petrolhead” what […]