1 January, 2019
ATG Around The Ground Kish Island Wallpaper 2018 beta made with unity indie game dev project

Watch how much is left!

Hello, In this post I’m sharing a link with you. You can visit the link to check how many items are left. Here is the link:https://trello.com/b/uLRyTJyc […]
29 October, 2018
ATG:Kish Billboard

A big update for the project!!

Throughout the year I have worked on the project and its website, Today I am showcasing the updates and introducing the project’s actual name and logo […]
24 October, 2017

Tons of new updates will be coming!! But not so soon.

Hello. I’m glad to say that I will publicly release a lot of updates about this project but not these years. The project will get updated […]
20 October, 2017

The DriveClub Water-Drops Effect for Unity3D For the 1st time ever

About the effect As a part of the Project92’s automobile simulation project, I was really interested in creating a similar water-splash/water-drops effect of DriveClub. Have a […]
9 September, 2017

Rain Effects

Today I’m showcasing you my new update for the project. It is a visual one for weather. As I’m feeling winter coming close and closer, I […]
5 August, 2017

Sample Car Platform Testing

In this newly released video, you’ll see a GPU-based car platform calculating system that I’ve made it up. Enjoy watching it.    
5 August, 2017

What is Project92?!

If you ask a “petrolhead” what their hobby is, they would certainly say “Project Cars”. Obviously, every social group in the world loves a hobby depend […]