A big update for the project!!

Tons of new updates will be coming!! But not so soon.
24 October, 2017
ATG Around The Ground Kish Island Wallpaper 2018 beta made with unity indie game dev project
Know how much is left!
1 January, 2019
ATG:Kish Billboard

Throughout the year I have worked on the project and its website, Today I am showcasing the updates and introducing the project’s actual name and logo as well as the updates. Moreover, I have opened some forum threads for it. To read more about these updates and the project itself, read the rest of this post.

Around The Ground: Kish

[v0.1 Beta Update]


What is it?
When will it be ready?
Where will it be released?
How much does it cost?

And more questions has been answered in the “About” page!
Check it out now.



These features were added to the project since last year.
  • New Customization Engine.
  • New PostFX graphics.
  • Improved physics system.
  • You can now mod the game! You can add cars and car parts to the software.
  • New Sound Granular System for the software. This is synthesizer that I devised for simulating car sounds without adding fake effects so that the sounds are very natural.
  • Its website is now looking much better.
  • And much more codes were added to the software.


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